Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My 1st serious job

Assalamualaikum (:

16th February 2013

Straight after STPM, belum keluar keputusan STPM lagi Fatin dah mula kerja sini. Genap 2tahun Fatin kerja kat American Express Authorizations Department, Fatin berhenti untuk sambung belajar. It’s unbelievable and I still think I’m a newbie. This is beyonddd awesome (: I don’t have a word to describe my feelings. What I can say, time really flew veryvery fast. I did learned a lottt :

Learn to face difficulties
Learn to solve problems
Learn to work in a team
Learn to be independent
Learn to be matured

I’m a different person from I am from 2years ago (It’s a good thing) There’s a lottt of things happen in that particular time. More than half of my Kuala Lumpur life was at the office. The people in the office, can be concluded as more than a friend to me (:

I the people
I the environment
I the experience

BBQ in Kajang
Paintball in Melawati
cut it short!!
Jersey Day
office attire
Cultural Day
Go-Kart in Sepang
duit rayaaa!
Badminton in Mont Kiara
Christmas Day
Annual Dinner
British Council class
Bowling in Timesquare
Kick-Off Party
representing YOUNG
BBQ in Ulu Yam
Blind-Folded Walkathon
Auth Family Team (AFT)
Club Med Cherating
Cultural Day
Volleyball in Salak Selatan
photoshoot for Miss ENERGETIC
photoshoot for Miss SEXY SPORT STAR
21st birthday in the office

Kalau korang perasan, kat tengah-tengah tu baru Fatin start pakai braces. Dengan gaji kerja kat sini laa Fatin mampu pakai gigi besi tu, alhamdulillah.. *rambut pun ade perubahan :P*

I literally grow up here, will miss the working phase sooo much, but this ‘campus life’ phase sound intresting ;)