Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's been a while (FRESH START)

Assalamualaikum (:
I really don’t know how to start *blurrr* Ok, first things first:

1. Saya tak tahu kemana hilangnya entri-entri saya sebelum ni.
- Once upon a time, bila saya jenguk blog kesayangan saya ni untuk mengupdate entri baru, terkejut sangat bila sedar semua entri dah hilang. Ok sedih, sebab semua entri tu dah macam memori tulis dalam diari kot ): Tapi tak guna salahkan sesiapa, benda dah jadi.

2. Life goes on.
- At that time, memang malas sangat nak update entri baru, dah takde mood ): Plus, a lot of things been happening. Tapi sampai bila nak sedih kan? Lagipun tangan ni gatal je nak menaip :P A lot of things to share. So time saya cuti daripada mengupdate blog, saya banyak berfikir and make future plans (:

3. Turn to a new leaf.
- No need to wait for New Year’s eve to do this, I’m doing it when I feel like it which is NOW (: I’ve a lot in plan for future, you can do it FATIN!

I’m wearing braces now – a longgg wayy to have a million dollar smile :D
I’ve moved back to Puchong – feels good to be with close relative.
I’ve sent my degree application to UITM – already been called for an interview, 1 step closer..
I’ve enrolled for driving license class – I’m not afraid of driving now!
I’ve started my online business – still need a lot of publicity and add a variety of products.

I’m okayyy, still surviving~
That’s about it so far, will keep updating!

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