Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's Celebration

Assalamualaikum (:

How was your New Year’s celebration going? Mine was great! Celebrating with friends, watching fireworks at KLCC (:

New Year’s eve filled with
- meeting a lottt of new friends (salam kenal kawan-kawan dari PHSKSO)
- karaoke with all of them (having sooo much fun)
- on the way to KLCC from TimeSquare by walking (went through medan perang buih at Bukit Bintang)

New Year’s midnight filled with
- Watching fireworks at KLCC with friends. It was the best 10minutes fireworks I’ve ever seen, it is sooo great yet creative. When watching it, there’s some sort of feeling (overwhelmed) that I can’t explain. Macam satu-persatu peristiwa penting yang berlaku pada 2012 buat flashback depan mata and I’m going to leave all that and mulakan perjalanan baru, sebak juga sebenarnya sebab 2012 was a learning experience (:

New Year’s after midnight filled with
- on the way to Mamak with all the friends for overnight (it’s a longgg journey by walking)
- jadi waiter kat Mamak which is tak termasuk dalam azam 2013 :P (everyone was very exhausted and mamak tak cukup staff, so I offered myself to take orders from my friends to help the mamak and also helping my friends)
- spend time kat Mamak (ade yang makan, berbual, rehat dan macam-macam lagi lah. at this time some of us also decided to leave since they have other responsibilities on the next day)

New Year’s morning filled with
- photoshoot! (thanks to awesome camerawoman Joyah)
- breakfast on me (: (azam 2013 : nak tolong mana yang mampu)

New Year’s afternoon filled with
- bowling! (divided to 3groups)
- karaoke, again.. (now with smaller group of friends but some of us took the time to sleep because everyone was sooo tired, kesian mereka penat)

New Year’s evening filled with GOODBYEsss :’(

Click here for more photos (muahmuah Joyah) : JOYAH’S FB
This is the video version for some of the photos (muahmuah ZigZag & Chicanos)