Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013's Resolutions

Assalamualaikum (:

New Year brings a new beginning, let's turn to a new leaf (:

My 2012 started pretty okay but ended up very challenging. In fact, throughout 2012 there’s a lottt of things been happening yang betul-betul mencabar kekuatan diri ni. Lucky I do have my family, close friends and Allah swt (of course) that helps me getting through the obstacles. All the obstacles really pushed myself real hard and make me as strong as I am today.

When 2011 was about a start of everything for me in Kuala Lumpur, 2012 was about how I’m gonna survived here. And guess what? I did survived, phewww~

I’ve learnt nearly everything about life in 2012. Now I know what to do, what not to do and I think for 2013 I’m gonna stick with it. Fatin ada banyak sangat plan untuk 2013, dah takde masa untuk main-main. 2013 is time to get serious, everything that I've planned need to happen smoothly.
My resolution for 2013 is basically to fulfill all the resolution for 2012 yang belum tercapai lagi (:

1.    Blogging (check)
2.    Quit smoking (check)
3.    Wearing a bracess (check)
4.    Get a driving license (half check)
5.    Pursuit my study in degree (half check)
6.    Doing some extra job (not done)
7.    Running a business (check)
8.    Perform well in my job (not done)
9.    Lose weight (half check)
10. Learn to swim (half check)
11. Learn to speak at least one different language (not done)
12. Learn to play at least one musical instrument (not done)
13. Planning a family holiday (not done)
14. Get a passport (not done)
15. Get a car (not done)

Bye 2012, you’ll be missed.
Hi 2013, welcome aboard *I’m ready*

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